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  Austin Pet Memorial Center




About Our Company

Austin Pet Memorial Center is Austin's only locally owned, dedicated private Pet Memorial Center.  We support the needs of our Pet Parents as they seek to remember the love of their family pet.   We believe that "Our Pets Are Family" and we support the need to remember and memorialize our family pets.  We offer our exclusive Truly Private Pet Cremation SM, that provides verification of our "one only" private pet cremation.  Each Truly Private Pet Cremation SM is certified by our digital certification process. Austin's only Five Star pet loss provider, see our reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google.  

Requesting a Pickup

Austin Pet Memorial Center can pick up your pet anywhere inside our service area.  Our service area is within a 25-mile radius, and includes these areas: Leander, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Hutto, Pfluggerville, Lakeway, San Marcos and Dripping Springs.  (Map your pickup address and route to 1100 Congress to determine your distance)  

Our normal hours for us to pick up your pet is 7 am to 7 pm daily. We will pick up your pet at your home or clinic.  We are a Basket and Blanket pick up service for most pets.  If you need a pick up beyond these ours, a pick up fee applies.  Our phones are answered 24/7, if you need an Immediate pick up.

Drop off discount

You may drop off your pet to us and receive a $30.00 discount on any package price.  

Picking up your pet from us

All cremations are preformed within 24-48 hours, and are a Truly Private Pet Cremation, a trademarked process that certifies that your pet was cremated completely alone.  Once the cremation is completed we contact you to let you know that we have completed our service and your pet is available for pick up. You may pick up your pet at our Memorial Center located at 16670 S. Interstate 35, Buda, Texas 78610.

Our hours in which you may pick up your pet from us at 10am-6pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday.  

Pricing and Information

Because we are a dedicated Pet Memorial Center, we offer our inclusive, basic services that no other pet cremation service provider´s offers.  Our pricing includes everything you need for a private pet cremation.  All of our equipment is on site, we do not contract out our pet cremation service.  

    Our Prices


Certified Private Pet Cremation

We certify that all Truly Private Pet Cremation SM are conducted without any other pets allowed inside the cremation equipment.  We provide a video verification process to ensure that your pet was cremated completely alone. No other pet cremation service offers a certified private pet cremation.  Are you confused by the difference in the terms used?  Do you know the difference between "Truly Private" and an "Individual" pet cremation?  Most Pet Parents are shocked to find out than an "Individual" cremation is a "shared" cremation.  Want to know what the terms in pet cremation mean?
See: Understanding Pet Cremation Terms

Our phones are answered 24/7 by contacting us at 512-425-0879 or our answering service @ 866-253-6456

Our Services includes:

  • Truly Private Pet CremationSM,  your pet is the only pet in the cremation chamber at all time
  • All packages include an urn, in the package price. Upgrades are available*
  • On site services, we do not contract out our services
  • In home or vet clinic pickup using our Basket and Blanket Service
  • 24/7 phone response
  • Use of our Memorial Room (Free)
  • Dedicated reception room
  • Grief Loss Support
  • Your pet is often returned within 24-48 hours

  • Prices and Packages -  Tour our facility-  FAQ- Pet Hospice and Euthanasia Service

    Transportation to our Memorial Center

    Your beloved pet is transported privately to our facility.  We transport each of our pets privately in a wicker basket, covered respectfully in a blanket.  We do not transport any pet with another pet in the same basket. We carry four sizes of wicker baskets, to accommodate different sized of pets.  Pets that exceed the size of our baskets are transported on a pet cart, and covered in a blanket.

    We offer Truly Private Pet Cremationn (TM), meaning your pet is always alone in our cremation equipment.  We use simple terminology designed to tell you about our service.  Because we only offer a Truly Private Pet Cremation SM, we do not offer Semi-Private pet cremations.  Common terms for Semi-Private pet cremation are "Private Individual",  "Individual", or "Segregated or  Partitioned" cremation. Most pet cremation provided by Vets is performed using Semi-Private cremation, and advertised as "only your pet's ashes", verify that your vet or provider is using a "single pet" private cremation. Click here for FAQ: FAQ for details.

    For information on PLPA approved pet cremation terms Click here to see:    

    Our normal pick up hours are 7 am to 7 pm Monday-Saturday, and included pickups.
    We do not charge a fee for a pickup during our normal hours.
    *After-hours fee is $150.00

     Truly Private Pet Cremation SM starting from $199          Click here to see prices: Prices

    For information on Pet Euthanasia download our Guide to Planning Ahead  Click here to download:  

    *An urn is included in our price, we do not require you to purchase an urn in addition your package price.

    *after-hour rates on all holiday pickups

    Truly Private Pet Cremation SM is a registered Service Mark for Austin Pet Memorial Center LLC, all rights are reserved USPTO Reg. No. 4,678,155

    Pet Euthanasia and Hospice Care

    Pet Euthanasia and Pet Hospice

    Austin Pet Memorial Center Partners with Austin´s best in-home veterinarians for a home euthanasia.  Click here for information on our Vet Partners. Pet Parents may also choose any veterinarian, and our Memorial Room is always available for on-site euthanasia.  
    Dr. Sara Schaubert also specializes in Pet Hospice care and acupuncture.  
    The euthanasia usually takes approximately 20-30 minutes.  When you coordinate for a pickup please tell us the time of the appointment and we will arrive approximately 30 minutes afterward, unless you specify a specific time for a pick-up.

    Helping Your Child When the Family Pet Dies

    Here is some useful helpful suggestions to help you guide a child after the loss of the family pet.

    Why is Austin Pet Memorial Center Different

    What makes us different?  There are other pet cremation companies in Austin, some even offer a real private cremation.  Local Vets use a cremation provider that picks up your pet once a week or so, and returns them the following week, hence the normal two week wait at a vet.   They also provide an individual cremation which is a semi-private cremation. We are the only Pet Memorial Center in Austin, and we only offer a Private Pet Cremation, meaning we cremate ea...
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    Austin Pet Memorial Center

    16670 S IH 35, Suite B
    Buda, Texas
    USA 78610

    3/12/2014  From Yelp

    Our beautiful Great Dane passed away and we honestly didn't know where to start. On a Sunday afternoon I started placing calls to the vet and to some Google searched crematoriums. When we ran across APMC it was my last call - everyone else was away for the day or not returning my call. Chuck returned my message immediately and offered condolences from the very beginning. The pricing was wonderful - even though for our child we would have paid whatever was needed - but the most important factor of it all was that they made an emergency house visit to us on a Sunday afternoon. No convincing, no extra-charge, and the care that they provided for Maddie was perfect. I could feel their love and respect and for that we will always be grateful. We received Maddie 48 hours later in a beautiful keepsake and the options they have available to honor and remember her are very appreciated. An outstanding company and family. Thank you Brian and Chuck for taking care of Maddie.