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March 1st, 1997-April 6th, 2015

Sox was 1/2 of a perfect pair to never be duplicated. He is greatly missed by his brother and his humans.


Seal Point - Mink/Black

Favorite Activity:

Sneaking off the patio to get to the grass Messing up the sheets while your trying to make the bed

Favorite Toy:



Handsome, Athletic Lil Buddy

You couldn’t have asked for a better best friend for 18 years.  He was the perfect counselor to vent with, tissue to cry on, nurse maid when you were sick and old movie watching companion. I use “companion” loosely as he was sooo much more. He was a bit OCD and made my husband and I laugh so much when he would show frustration if you messed him up from his rituals.  Making a bed without leaving a lump in the middle of it was next to impossible. His purr could make all problems disappear and was better at relaxing and centering  than meditation.