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August 22nd, 1999-April 4th, 2014


Rocky was a Caramel brown with a little dark brown running through

Favorite Activity:

Terrorizing every other dog in sight, lol!

Favorite Toy:

He loved playing with this horrid torn up little brown bear.


He was called 'the monster', 'the beast', or 'the little terror' on more than one occasion!

Rocky came home with me at the age of 7 weeks and 2 lbs.  He traveled from Missouri to Kansas to Las Vegas and back home to Texas.  He never knew his size as a Chihuahua and ruled every room he walked in too!  Dogs 5x his size were known to run from him, lol!  He led a long and happy life, almost making it to his 15th bday.  He was GREATLY loved and will be greatly missed!