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Riley Ralston

2002-September 24th, 2013

Riley, Beloved Friend and Pet. Adopted into our family and hearts in 2007, and will never leave. Beautiful girl, attention seeking and loving. You will always be loved and missed.


Brown and white tabby with black and orange colors also mixed in, white underneath and paws

Favorite Activity:

Sitting on flip-flops, stalking sister Josie, running up and down the stairs in huge haste for no apparent reason, getting attention.

Favorite Toy:

Boxes and bows, lying on the computer keyboard and any papers mom Erica might be working on....


Rileykins, Wiggle Tail, Pretty Princess, Pretty Girl

Riley was adopted in 2007 from the Austin Humane Society. She jumped into mom Erica’s lap, asking for attention, and she spent most of the rest of her short lifetime in the same place. She always got that attention. She was the Pretty Princess of the house. She was a beautiful tabby stripe kitty, with many colors in her coat including brown, black and orange, with a beautiful white undercoat. She walked with a funny little sway, as her back legs were kind of turned out, but boy did she strut. And when she wanted something, she would make adorable little mews and get up close to your legs, while she wiggled her tail to let you know she was excited. She became sick suddenly, and left us with little time to prepare. While I guess one can never be ready to lose a loved one, this seems an especially cruel blow. May Riley play by the Rainbow Bridge, and keep our other cat Beauty company until we meet again. We love you, Riley. You are forever our Pretty Girl.