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Our Partner Mobile Vets and Clinics

Austin Pet Memorial Center is proud to team up with Austin’s Premier Veterinarian’s who specialize in bringing a loving and compassionate end of life experience. We meet with our partners to ensure that we share the same level of compassion and commitment to bringing dignity to the end of life process.

Our partners are compassionate and offer a personalized in home service, that provides a peaceful end of life process. Each of our veterinarian partners are highly regarded as compassionate and loving, and allow our family pets to leave us in a loving manner.

Healing Arts House Calls

Austin Pet Memorial Center now offers Pet Parents several in home pet services including in home pet hospice and euthanasia services. We are partners with Healing Arts Housecalls (www.healingartshousecalls.com), Dr. Sara Schaubert  D.V.M.  512-576-0929

Dr. Schaubert offers several in-home services that include, pet acupuncture, hospice care, and in-home pet euthanasia.  Austin Pet Memorial Center can also provide our memorial room for use with any euthanasia services for non home euthanasia.  Our unique partnership with Dr. Schaubert provides Pet Parents with several home based pet options that are based upon the need to provide dignified and personalized pet services.Please see Dr. Schaubert’s at her website or contact her at 512-576-0929.
Email: healingartshousecalls@gmail.com
Dr Sara Schaubert, DVM

Austin Vetinerinary Housecalls

Austin Pet Memorial Center proud to be working with Dr. Dara Berry, Austin Veterinary House Calls.  Dr. Berry provides in home pet euthanasia services.  Dr. Berry can coordinate all euthanasia needs, including our services.  You can schedule directly with Dr. Berry at (512) 785-2402 or email at Dr.berry@austinveterinaryhousecalls.com.  Dr. Berry has access to our Memorial Center, including the use of our Memorial Room, for private services, including euthanasia.  Please contact Dr. Berry directly and she can coordinate all the necessary details.

Dr Dara Berry, DVM
Our Partner Vet Clinic

Austin Pet Memorial Center partners with Austin’s premier Veterinarian Clinics.  Before we will partner with a clinic, we meet the ownership and staff to ensure that together, we reflect a common value, that “Our Pets are Family”.  We do not service just any Veterinarian Clinics, because the heart of our business is about the special relationship we as Pet Parents share with our pets.  Our Veterinarian Clinic share that compassion, and together we form a love based partnership.

We want to remain a Pet Parent oriented business, so we limit our involvement with Vet Clinics.  Rest assured that when you see us working with a Vet Clinic, we are working together because we match each other in regards to our pets, and the special place they share in our lives.  Our limited partnerships does not mean that there aren’t a lot of loving Vet Clinics, in fact there are so many Pet Parent friendly Vet Clinics that we just cannot serve them all.  The list below are Partner Vet Clinics that we are proud to be associated.

Bee Vet Animal Hospital

Bee Vet Animal Hospital

Located at 11817 FM2244, (click here for a map)