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Drucke the Lover

March 24th, 2000-October 24th, 2014

Drucke was the lover of humans, other pets, and life...



Favorite Activity:

Going to parks

Favorite Toy:


When she joined our family as a little puppy, I was not sure she would live up to her Lithuanian name, meaning “strong and fierce”.  Oh boy she did!  She was such an exceptional companion for over 14.5 years.  She had a wonderful life and she is still with us, even today.   Drucke was trained by Juicy, the cat, while she was a puppy, and Mitzi was the last kitty who said good bye to her this year… Drucke helped socialize and get out of the shell multiple Austin Humane Society dogs who stayed with us different times, also she helped socialize batches and batches of foster kittens.   You are with us… You are loved… We are loved… Thank you for all of the life adventures we shared together…