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We are locally owned and operated in Austin, Texas

Our approach to business is different.

We believe that we share something with our customers, that our pets are members of our family.  If that is not a true statement, we simply are not the type of business you are looking for.  We believe that our pets deserve the special treatment that we “Pet Parents” demand.

Pet cremations, as a business, has mixed reviews in terms of the level of services that they provide.  There are intentionally misleading terms that cause confusion when trying to understand what a cremation is, and what the options are for pet cremation. This confusion is so prevalent throughout the pet profession, that most veterinarians do not understand what they are offering you.

What are the “Terms” and their meanings?

We speak in simple and clear terms, in fact, we trademarked the term “Truly Private Pet Cremation” to prevent any confusion. A “Truly Private Pet Cremation” is where one and only one pet is cremated during a cremation cycle.  The pet cremation industry uses several terms, including: “Private”, “Individual”, and “Communal”.  A “Private” cremation is where only one pet is cremated. An “Individual” cremation is where the cremation chamber is full of pets, sectioned off into a designated area, and cremated.  Each pet is then removed one at a time, or “individually” removed. The term “Individual” is the method of return, not the method of cremation.  A “Communal” cremation is a group cremation without any separation.  So these three methods are simply, Private, Semi-Private, and group cremation.

To Further confuse things, some pet cremation companies use mixed terms, like “Private Individual” that are not defined by any professional standard. Many Pet Parents are lead to believe that they are purchasing a private cremation, not knowing that the actual cremation was anything but private.  In our survey of our local Vets, we could only find one Vet that knew what an “Individual” cremation was, while the rest “assured” us that our pet would be alone at all times.  That simple fact is, that the area crematories that service vets all have websites, that clearly disclose that they perform “Individual” cremations.  Many veterinarians are complacent about this, and unknowingly mislead their customers.  We only partner with Vets that have visited our location and have seen our complete “Truly Private Pet Cremation (sm).

What questions should I ask my Vet?

When you are looking to have a private cremation, there are simple ways to determine if your pet will actually be cremated privately.

  • Ask your vet if they have been to their pet crematory and observed the process, to verify that this will be a private “one only” cremation.
  • Ask for the name of the company the vet uses, and check their website to see what they are offering. Most pet cremation business, clearly disclose the type of cremation they offer.
  • Ask for a brochure from the crematory and read it.
  • Ask your vet or call the pet cremation company and see if they are open to the public, and will allow you to tour the facility.
  • Ask if the cremation is video recorded.
  • Ask your vet if the pet cremation company is locally owned or a corporation or franchise.

Why Choice Us?

Austin Pet Memorial Center certifies that all of our cremations are “Private-one only pet cremations”, in fact we have trademarked the term “Truly Private Pet Cremation” in order to prevent any confusion.  We offer vets free high quality brochures to display that provide details on our business.  We pick up your pet from your home or vet clinic in a basket/blanket service. We are a public company and you may walk in at any time and ask for a tour, in fact we encourage you to do so. As part of our certification process, we digitally record all of our cremations, and they are available for review.

Austin Pet Memorial Center is locally owned and operated.  We are Austin’s premier pet cremation service, and are the most reviewed pet cremation company in Central Texas.  We offer an open operations free of any emotional sales process the corporate or franchise company’s use to prey on you.  Our packages include everything you need in a basic cremation, including a fur clipping, clay paw print, and “an Urn”.   We include these items, because most corporate or franchise pet cremation companies, are really focused on the up-sale of urns and other items, and the cremation is just the method to get you into their showroom.


Austin Pet Memorial Center is focused on helping you with honoring your pet’s life, “Because our pets are Family”.